Key Takeaways

  1. A Flat Earther’s DIY experiment, costing $20,000, accidentally validated the Earth’s round shape.
  2. The experiment involved filming through two holes in a fence, aiming to prove Earth’s flatness.
  3. The failure to detect light through the holes led to an awkward realization during the Netflix documentary.
  4. Despite the clear evidence, the Flat Earther continued to defend his conspiracy theory using “mental gymnastics.”
  5. The incident serves as a reminder of the significance of embracing scientific evidence and critical thinking.

A Flat Earther’s ambitious quest to disprove the scientific consensus about the Earth’s shape resulted in an unintended revelation. Spending an astonishing $20,000 on a DIY experiment, the individual was featured in a Netflix documentary called “Behind the Curve” during the fateful moment of realization.

The test involved using a camera to film through two holes, with a person standing on the other side and shining a torch back at the camera

Determined to challenge the extensive body of research backed by NASA experts, the Flat Earther devised a test employing a laser gyroscope. The experiment involved filming through two holes in a fence while someone stood on the other side, shining a torch back at the camera.

The Flat Earther claimed that if the light can be seen with a camera, the holes in the fence and the torch all at equal differences above the ground, then he could draw a positive conclusion that the planet is flat

The premise for the test was straightforward: if the camera could detect the light, the holes, and the torch all at equal distances above the ground, the Flat Earther believed it would support the notion of a flat planet. However, to his dismay, the experiment took an amusing and costly turn as no light could be observed through the holes.

Despite the conclusive evidence demonstrating Earth’s curvature, the Flat Earther seemed unwilling to accept the reality. The failed experiment became a viral sensation on Reddit, where viewers noted his persistent use of “mental gymnastics” to defend his conspiracy theory.

Social media users found humor in his attempts to cling to the disproven belief, with one individual highlighting the lack of a coherent explanation from the Flat Earther. The debacle highlighted the importance of embracing scientific evidence and questioning unfounded claims.

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