Key Takeaways:

  1. Mesmerizing “time slice” photographs capture the passage of time in single locations.
  2. Artist Fong Qi Wei creatively combines photos taken at different times to craft cohesive compositions.
  3. His unique approach involves experimenting with angles, shapes, and arrangements.
  4. Wei’s work blurs the lines between photography and painting, evoking emotional and intellectual responses.
  5. These images aim to engage viewers deeply and hold their attention for extended contemplation.

In a captivating fusion of art and photography, Fong Qi Wei has masterfully transformed mundane landscapes into captivating chronicles of time’s passage. Referred to as “time slice” photography, his artistic creations ingeniously weave together multiple images captured at different moments of the day. The outcome is a singular composition that encapsulates the fluidity of time within a single frame.

Wei’s process is a meticulous one. He captures a series of photographs at varying intervals throughout the day at the same location. These visual fragments are then digitally sliced and rearranged. Rather than adhering to a straightforward vertical arrangement, Wei’s ingenuity shines through in his manipulation of angles and shapes. Rays of light converge into stunning patterns, while circles emerge from the sequential strips, resulting in a visually enthralling tapestry of time.

Despite his work’s digital origin and creation through photography, Wei’s pieces transcend these boundaries. His creations have found their place both in photographic and traditional art galleries. In a harmonious blend of genres, his pieces beckon viewers to experience them on a profound level. Wei’s intention is clear: his art strives to not only capture attention but also to establish a lasting connection, prompting viewers to explore the dual realms of emotion and intellect through his mesmerizing amalgamations of time.













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