Prathamesh Jaju has achieved a remarkable feat in astrophotography with his detailed and clearest shot of the third quarter Mineral Moon. Through the use of HDR compositing, he has given the image a mesmerizing 3-dimensional effect, making it stand out among lunar photographs.

The process wasn’t easy, as he had to capture over 50,000 images, accumulating a massive 186 GB of data, which nearly overwhelmed his laptop during the processing stage. Armed with a Celestron 5 Cassegrain OTA, ZWO ASI120MC-S camera, SkyWatcher EQ3-2 GO-TO mount, and a GSO 2X BARLOW, Jaju took around 38 panels at focal lengths of 1500mm and 3000mm, creating an impressive image of almost 50 megapixels (downscaled for mobile viewing).











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