Key Takeaways

  1. Sensational headlines claiming NASA discovered a parallel universe with backward-running time are incorrect and based on a misinterpretation of a 2018 paper.
  2. Physicists proposed a mirror universe theory, suggesting a reflection of our universe across time that extends beyond the Big Bang.
  3. The mirror universe theory challenges the dominant origin story of the universe, known as ΛCDM, which has certain gaps and inconsistencies.
  4. The theory suggests that our universe exists on one side of the mirror universe’s ancient history, and vice versa.
  5. The CPT-symmetric universe proposed by the mirror universe theory may help explain the existence of dark matter and restore a broken symmetry in physics.

A series of viral articles falsely claimed that NASA had discovered particles from a parallel universe where time runs backward. However, these claims are based on a misinterpretation of a 2018 paper that proposed a mirror universe theory. The paper, published in the journal Physical Review Letters, suggested that our universe may have a mirror reflection across time, extending beyond the Big Bang.

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The mirror universe theory challenges the dominant ΛCDM (Lambda-Cold Dark Matter) model, which explains the expansion of the universe using dark energy and dark matter. While ΛCDM works in many cases, it has certain gaps and inconsistencies. The mirror universe theory aims to fill these gaps and provide a simpler picture of the universe’s origins.

According to the mirror universe theory, our universe exists on one side of the mirror universe’s ancient history, and the mirror universe exists on the other side of ours. While the mirror universe may seem to have backward-running time from our perspective, beings in that universe would still perceive cause and effect in the same way we do in our universe.

One intriguing aspect of the mirror universe theory is its potential to restore a broken symmetry in physics known as Charge, Parity, Time (CPT) symmetry. CPT symmetry suggests that particles should behave the same way even if certain properties are flipped, such as moving backward through time. The mirror universe’s existence could help repair this broken symmetry and shed light on the nature of dark matter.

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The mirror universe theory also offers a possible explanation for the mysterious signals detected by the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) instrument. These signals, which seem to originate from high-energy particles emerging from the Antarctic ice, have puzzled scientists. The mirror universe theory predicts the existence of a specific dark matter neutrino with a mass of 480 picoelectronvolts (PeV), which aligns with the ANITA findings.

While the mirror universe theory and its implications are still speculative, it presents an exciting avenue for further exploration in the field of cosmology. Physicists recognize the need to understand the full sweep of the theory and conduct further research to validate its claims. Despite the uncertainties, the mirror universe theory has the potential to challenge and expand our understanding of the origins and fundamental nature of the universe.

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