Key Takeaways

  1. Photographer Albert Dros captures stunning images of Dubai skyscrapers rising above the clouds during rare foggy conditions.
  2. Dros’ persistence and luck led him to capture this unique phenomenon after multiple attempts over several years.
  3. The dream-like combination of fog and cloud-filled skies creates mesmerizing visuals of the city.
  4. The Dubai fog phenomenon occurs around 7-10 times per year, mostly during the end of the year, providing surreal photo opportunities.
  5. While the timing of the fog is unpredictable, careful planning and choosing the right months, like November or December, increase the chances of witnessing and photographing this captivating spectacle.

In the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai stands as a testament to modern architecture and innovation. Yet, a handful of times annually, the city undergoes a dramatic transformation. Photographer Albert Dros’ persistence in capturing this elusive moment has finally paid off. After years of striving to witness Dubai’s fleeting fog phenomenon, Dros seized the opportunity during a two-week stay, where he remarkably captured skyscrapers piercing through the misty shroud. This artistic triumph came after Dros secured the top spot at the XPOSURE International Photography Festival’s drone category.

Dros, who had previously visited Dubai numerous times in pursuit of this rare spectacle, was finally granted nature’s cooperation. The convergence of fog and a picturesque cloud-laden sky fulfilled his creative dreams. The serendipitous weather conditions provided an astonishing seven consecutive days of foggy mornings, leading Dros to capture eight consecutive sunrises in all their ethereal glory.

Dubai’s fog, a phenomenon gracing the city around 7 to 10 times annually, usually emerges during the year’s end. Photographer Teemu Jarvinen, in his guide on capturing this mesmerizing spectacle, advises potential witnesses to plan their visits in November or December for the highest likelihood of encountering the mystical fog. While the capriciousness of weather remains an ever-present challenge, the resulting photographs, showcasing Dubai’s skyscrapers soaring above the clouds, undeniably justify the effort and anticipation for those who aspire to capture nature’s fleeting enchantment.














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