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  1. Lightning striking a plane within a rainbow captured in a remarkable photo by photographer Birk Möbius has gone viral.
  2. The photo was taken in 2014 at Taucha aerodrome in Germany, showing a Boeing 777 being struck by lightning while framed by a rainbow.
  3. The unique image resulted from the rare combination of lightning and rainbow occurring simultaneously.
  4. Instances of planes being struck by lightning are more frequent than perceived, with commercial airplanes enduring lightning strikes around once a year.
  5. Rigorous safety protocols are established to ensure the security of flights amid common lightning strikes.

A mesmerizing photograph has taken the internet by storm, capturing a jaw-dropping moment that seems almost too extraordinary to be real. The mastermind behind the lens is German photographer Birk Möbius, who managed to freeze time in a single frame as lightning dramatically collided with an airplane, all while being spectacularly ensconced within a rainbow’s embrace. Sharing his awe-inspiring creation on 500px, Möbius humbly labeled it as his most unparalleled and breathtaking snapshot to date.

The snapshot dates back to August 2014, finding its genesis at the Taucha aerodrome in Germany. The electrifying subject is none other than a Boeing 777, courageously weathering the dynamic forces of nature as it journeyed from Frankfurt to Leipzig. Despite the eye-catching visuals, experts emphasize the rarity of such a scene. Renowned meteorologist Jonathan Erdman from highlights the convergence of infrequent meteorological occurrences, resulting in an event so extraordinary that its existence was made tangible through Möbius’ lens. One can only imagine the intense blend of trepidation and wonder experienced by those in the window seats of that flight – a lightning bolt meeting a rainbow’s grace.

While this snapshot might appear to be a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, the reality is that airplanes and lightning occasionally cross paths. According to Scientific American, lightning strikes on commercial airplanes occur at least once annually. Given the relative frequency of such encounters, the aviation industry has proactively implemented stringent safety protocols. As air travel continues to navigate the skies amidst nature’s fiery displays, the enchanting photo remains a vivid testament to the astonishing harmonies that can emerge when the elements decide to choreograph a dazzling performance.


Screen shot via weweme123/YouTube





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