Key Takeaways

  1. Remote Island Abode: The house on Elliðaey Island, Iceland, stands as one of the world’s most isolated dwellings, sparking curiosity about its ownership and purpose.
  2. Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago: Elliðaey is the third largest island in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, lying 9km south of Iceland, offering solitude amidst untouched nature.
  3. Island’s History: Previously inhabited by families engaged in fishing, cattle breeding, and puffin hunting, the island has been uninhabited since 1930 due to its remote location.
  4. Ownership Speculations: Rumors circulate, linking the house to Icelandic singer Björk and a reclusive millionaire, adding an air of mystery to its origins.
  5. Purposeful Retreat: The Elliðaey Hunting Association now utilizes the house as accommodation for bird hunters, offering access to the remote island and its sauna facilities.

Nestled on the tiny expanse of Elliðaey Island, Iceland, stands a house that has piqued the curiosity of many for its unparalleled isolation. In the vast expanse of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, Elliðaey Island claims its place as the third largest, lying 9 kilometers off the southern shores of Iceland. This haven boasts a lack of streets, inhabitants, shops, and modern connectivity, leaving only the house itself enveloped by the untouched wilderness.

Once a home to five families who depended on fishing, cattle raising, and the pursuit of puffin hunting, Elliðaey Island has been devoid of permanent residents since 1930, primarily due to the immense distance that separates it from civilization. The island’s history and solitude have spurred various speculations about the ownership of the enigmatic house. Some suggest it might have been a gift to the renowned Icelandic singer Björk, while others point to a recluse millionaire as its possible owner.

In 1953, the Elliðaey Hunting Association took charge of the island’s sole house, strategically positioning it as a prime location for puffin hunting – a cherished activity in the region. While the island itself can be accessed by boat, the house remains a restricted domain, accessible solely to members of the association and their acquaintances. The dwelling, while lacking modern amenities such as electricity and running water, serves as a retreat for hunters, offering them not only shelter but also a sauna experience fueled by a rainwater collection system.

Visitors to Elliðaey Island are treated to more than just the solitary house. The rugged coastline beckons with a precipitous cliffside stroll, granting a stunning vantage point to behold the isolated dwelling amidst the desolate beauty of the island. As the rumors and stories about the house persist, the truth remains: this remote abode, surrounded by the vast Atlantic, stands as a testament to the allure of solitude and the mysteries it can conjure.







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