Key Takeaways:

  • A theory proposes that the universe wasn’t born from a Big Bang singularity, but from a black hole in another universe.
  • This theory suggests a 4th dimensional black hole in another universe created our universe.
  • The theory resolves the black hole information paradox by proposing matter isn’t destroyed, but forms a new universe.
  • This theory suggests there could be many universes created by black holes in a chain reaction.
  • The theory doesn’t explain what caused the original black hole, but it offers a new perspective on the universe’s origin.

A theory regarding the universe’s origin has been suggested by scientists, and it does not center on the Big Bang! Rather, they claim that the black hole from an earlier universe formed the current universe.

According to researchers at the Perimeter Institute, the Big Bang Theory—which suggests that the universe originated from a singularity—seems unlikely.

According to the big bang hypothesis, a singularity that destroys physics is what caused our universe to become comparatively uniform, predictable, and understandable. They remark, “It seems unlikely,” according to Outer Places.

They believe that black holes, which have the power to both create and destroy celestial bodies, most notably stars, are more likely to be at the bottom of the matter.

The theory states that a fourth-dimensional black hole that is a part of another universe formed our universe. In that case, we are living beyond the horizon of the event and it is also possible that other universes have been created by black holes in the ‘parent universe.’

The “information paradox” surrounding black holes, which has perplexed scientists for a long time, is resolved by this theory. It states that all information and physical matter disappears permanently into the black hole, where all physical states devolve into the same state.

It would appear that matter entering a black hole is not destroyed after all if we apply this explanation to this theory. Rather, it is a component of a brand-new universe.

Big Bang Theory

The Perimeter Institute is not the only organization that questions the accepted theory regarding the origin of the universe. Many questions about what existed before the Big Bang remain unanswered, despite scientific explanations of what happened afterward.

What caused the cosmic explosion? And how did the circumstances get so bad that, even before spacetime existed, the universe with so many celestial bodies could break apart from the point of singularity? This theory appears to be an attempt to get closer to the actual mystery of how our universe came into being.


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