Moon is something can’t be missed in our life, which does not only provide us some light in the night but it adds beauty to it as well. No matter it is new moon or full moon, it beautifully shines above us.

There are so many gorgeous photos of moon and today we want to present you a special part of it, which not emphasize how beautiful the moon is but how people interact with moon. Either taken on perfectly time or use ‘forced perspective’ approach, below photos smartly show you how to play with moon. Let’s start the ‘moon game’.











A volcano eruption is a spectacular thing by itself. But if it is accompanied by a full moon, which appears to be exactly above the volcano, it creates a magical photograph. Icelandic photographer Olafur Ragnarsson was lucky enough to witness and capture such a unique moment.


#12 Full Moon Framed by the Arc de Triomphe

#13 Christ The Redeemer ‘Holds’ The Moon



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