In the ethereal canvas of the night sky, nature occasionally paints breathtaking spectacles that captivate the human imagination. One such extraordinary moment was recently frozen in time by photographer Hallgrimur P Helgason. The northern lights, known as the aurora borealis, took on a mythical form, mirroring the shape of a phoenix with its wings outstretched. This legendary firebird, a symbol entrenched in ancient folklore, materialized in vibrant hues of green, yellow, red, and blue, showcasing the phenomenon’s magnificent variety.

Situated in Kaldarsel, Helgason patiently waited for the perfect celestial dance to unfold. An hour after his vigil began, the heavens responded with an astonishing display. As he skillfully maneuvered his camera and tripod, the aurora borealis ignited the night, resembling the majestic bird from tales of yore. Helgason, a seasoned photographer at 64, expressed both the thrill and challenges of capturing such a phenomenon. The particular snapshot featuring the phoenix-like aurora marked the zenith of his night-long photographic endeavor.

Helgason’s advice for fellow astrophotographers is grounded in experience. He underscores the necessity of venturing away from urban light pollution, opting for darkness as the perfect backdrop. The cardinal rule of refraining from using flash in aurora photography is also emphasized. The photograph stands not only as a testament to Helgason’s patience and skill but also as a reminder of nature’s capacity to evoke the mythical from the mundane.

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Phoenix Face Aurora from Iceland. Panorama, 3 Vertical Shots -Camera – Sony A1Lens – 16-35mmExp – 0.8sf/2.8ISO 5000cheers. Via Navaneethuk1


Phoenix In The Sky by authorJDTailor


Cloud in the shape of a phoenix is seen lighting up the sky during the sunset in Beijing, Dec 23, 2014.


A glowing red bird appeared in the sky over a Brazilian city on Haloween as if the phoenix was returning. Photo via Facebook


Clouds look like a phoenix




Via Pao Jacob


Phoenix Rising is a photograph by Greg Hayhoe which was uploaded on March 12th, 2018.


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